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My Story 64 finally released its top ten winners. A quick recap of the rules: Write the first line of a story based on the photo (photo below along with the top ten winners).

Writer’s Digest

I swear I can see the faint outline of someone standing in the window, gazing out. Below is my entry for the contest based on the above image:

**Billy sits in the window, gazing at his favorite tree; despite the pills and the fact that I attended his funeral, I know he’s there.**


Up Next: Due April 13, 2015 (Writer’s Digest – Your Story #65)

Prompt: Write a short story, of 750 words or fewer, based on the prompt below:

Love gets him into more trouble than hate ever could.

You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc.; it is, after all, your story.

Entry Deadline: April 13, 2015. (Go to Writer’s Digest to enter!)

I haven’t even started this one. I’ve not been overly protective of my writing time the last two weeks and that ends today. I printed a fresh copy of my MS, and have tackled the first chapter. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things. I want to hit 65K words by the summer.

Your Homework: Dig through the Writer’s Digest contest archives for great story prompts or enter the contest!

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