May 2016

It’s been awhile since my fingers hit my keyboard for a fun reason. It’s been a very busy few months and while I haven’t been editing or even reading much, my thoughts are never far from Sarah Blue. I’ve worked on the story for nearly two years straight!

This past weekend, I had the privilege of watching my little sister graduate high school. Sitting in the stands, listening to the principle rattle through a mile-long list of accomplishments for the students was sobering. My sister has won awards for acting and has been in dozens of productions. Her dream is to act full-time and it’s inspiring to see her work so hard to achieve her goals.

I haven’t been thoroughly unproductive over the last few weeks, I set up a home office so I now have a dedicated writing space. I need to get a big comfy chair but for now, it’s perfect. I did not place in the last writing contest I entered but I now have a short story I can expand on and I am going to work on that this summer. The contest limited the story to 1500 words but I feel like the main character has a lot more story in him. I’m excited to get more of his life down on paper.

Check back next Saturday for a new post.