‘Tis the weekend my friends

I’ve submitted my short-story for the Writer’s Digest Contest. If I could just make it into the top 25, I’d be so happy. Results wont be out until February. That’s so long from now!

I was truly hoping to submit it before yesterday. I imagine the closer and closer it gets to deadline the more submissions they receive. I wonder if they read them as they come in or wait until the submission period ends. Either way, it’s in and now the waiting begins.

I’ve also finished reading The Drop by Dennis Lehane. It was good, very Boston. I mean it’s Lehane so of course it was good.

I’ll do a review on good reads but I will share that there’ s a dog in the story and I spent most of the story worried about the dog which says a lot about the characters.

It’s been turned into a movie and I’m going to search for it on NetFlix.

Now that I’ve finished up my short story, I’m going back to working on Sarah Blue. I hope to get a good bit of hand-written editing completed this weekend and then tackle the edits in Pages.

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