Instagram is an interesting place. It kinda feels like a bar. There are a few genuine people, but it’s also full of people needing attention, oozing pick up lines, and generally acting full of themselves.

I follow writers/poets that I absolutely love and that inspire me ( H.Lynn, A.R.Lucas, Immortal.Thought – to name a few) and I have a great deal of respect for their work. I also follow several other accounts for sheer fun, brain candy, and knowledge.

I love using Instagram to fan the writing flames but I really hate how dirty it can feel when people follow and then unfollow, and then refollow you – all in a vain attempt to get your attention and increase their followers.

Don’t get me wrong, I want followers, I hashtag the heck out of my posts to draw folks in, I try to post content that I think people will enjoy, but I don’t play the “follow me and I’ll follow you game” – it’s just not my thing.

So, enough complaining from me, here is my poem inspired by some recent Instagram foolishness.


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