I’ve recently discovered Scandal on Netflix. The show is full of drama, lust, power-struggles, and murder. After binge watching two-full seasons, I’m beyond impressed, not to mention, obsessed. As I get to know each character on the show I’m amazed at how I’m drawn in and how much I love, hate, and respect each one of them. They are all deeply flawed individuals with their own vision and intense pursuit of justice.

The actors gelled together from the first episode. The head writer is Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy) and she has a team of other writers (who’s names I couldn’t find) that work together to create the on-screen gold. They even have a real life fixer (Pope’s character) that they run their story lines by (how jealous are you?).

It’s the type of writing that can create and destroy an aspiring writer. To create a single character, let alone an entire cast of them, that can generate such intense emotions and connectivity is nothing short of pure magic. The tension between Fitz and Pope crackles, Cyrus is dogged in his protection of the president, and Pope’s band of white-hatters are practically rabid with their faith in her. I can’t begin to pick a favorite character but I really want to fix Huck some tea and tuck him into a warm, safe bed (provided he promises not to kill me first).

Now, I’m off to work on my characters. You should do the same.


I want to remind you all that Writer’s Digest has a short story competition that closes in November.

Your Homework: Who is your favorite character (on any show)? Why? What traits do they have that you would like to see come to life in your story?

Visit The Spark tomorrow for your Saturday writing prompt.

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