Happy Friday

Happy Friday my Paper Perfect friends.

I’ve been dawdling again. I’ve edited about 7 pages of my MS this week and that’s it. On a better note, I edited my short story for the Writer’s Digest competition down to the maximum 1500 words.

I’ll admit, cutting 1k words OUT of the story wasn’t easy. It’s a dark piece and I really want the reader to feel connected with the two characters. I’m going to spend more time on it this weekend and submit it before the middle of October.

I was very disappointed to find out that this year’s SCWW conference was cancelled. I won’t have the opportunity to meet with an agent or publisher now, at least not within the next month. They are looking for a few members for the board of directors and I’m considering applying.

As for Sarah Blue, I’ve been debating making the final changes to my first chapter and then starting the query process. It could take six months to hear something (if I ever do) and I might as well spend that time editing. I really feel like the story is in a good place, I just need to review it for typos and punctuation.

Your Homework: Write down your writing goals for the week and then tackle them!

Visit The Spark tomorrow for your Saturday writing prompt.

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