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I was reading Oxford American magazine a few days ago and came across two different articles that got me thinking. One was written by Jamie Quatro and the other by Nick Fuller Googins. They were not geared towards anything that would prevent them from being published at a certain time of year or certain periodical. There wasn’t anything in them that dated them to a certain time, short of a few keywords that could easily be updated. Both pieces were utterly timeless in nature and that really got me thinking about my writing arsenal.

While I’m still working on editing Sarah Blue, there is a part of me that worries I’m losing time not writing other things. (Does anyone else worry about this?) I took a few hours last night to review a few poems that I’d written years ago and a story that I’ve been neglecting as I work on Sarah Blue. My ultimate dream would be to write full-time, to have articles published in magazines, online outlets, have my short stories published – anywhere really; but, do I have a large enough variety of items ready to submit to someone? I don’t think that I do and that makes me feel a little panicked.

Yes, I have a few short stories, some poetry, my blog, and somewhere I have some articles that I once wrote for an online content-mill site; but, I haven’t a clue how to get those off of a floppy disc, so they are as good as gone. Plus, what I’ve written for my blog is technically already “released” to the public – so even if I have something amazing on here the likelihood of it being picked up is pretty slim, because it won’t be an original release.

To combat my stress I’ve made a list of general topic articles to write. I won’t publish them here; but, I will focus on getting them written. They may very well never see the light of day. Regardless, I’ll not only feel more prepared for the future, but I think it will exercise my brain which is a good way to keep the creative juices flowing.

Your Homework: Take a look at what you have in your writing inventory and compare that to your goals – do you need to add something? Do it.

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