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Happy Friday Paper Perfect friends! As you know, I’m diligently working on getting Sarah Blue completed. I’ve recently finished a round of hand-written edits and I need to get those entered into my typed draft. I’m currently sitting at just over 49K words and I think once I’ve entered all my notes, I should hit 55K. I seem to add between 5-10k per round. I have two check-lists with notes that I need to verify and review for my next round but that’s a week or two away. One of the things that I want to do is really bring the city to life. My book is set in Boston, Massachusetts, a place that will forever hold my heart.

I do hope to make it back to the city again by next summer. I have a ton of photos from my years there and I’ve been trolling Google maps for help when my memory fades. I’ve decided to launch a Sarah Blue page on this blog so that you can follow her journey with her. I want you to see what roads she travels, see what bus route she’s on, and see the images that have inspired me to create some of the buildings, rooms, and restaurants that I’ve worked into her world. Not everything in Sarah Blue is real, but it’s all certainly inspired by something real.

The page is currently under construction and I plan to have it fully launched by August 7. I’ll be adding to it periodically so feel free to check in anytime.

Your Homework: Bring the city in your story to life – troll Google maps for reference, look at old photographs, add some scenes, and drop me a comment to let me know what you’ve found. Alsom don’t forget the deadline for the Writer’s Digest contest (see my previous post).

Visit The Spark tomorrow for your Saturday writing prompt.

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