There’s a poem rattling around in my brain. I’ve put some of it down on paper, but it’s not ready. It’s still simmering up there in that magical space that takes over when I get inspired. I love when all the words have finally landed in the right place. The initial burst of feeling can be overwhelming and then there’s the constant clawing at your brain until you get it right. I’m definitely in the clawing phase at the moment.

Writer’s Digest has a new poetry contest and submissions are due July 25. The challenge is to write a Dodoitsu. Straight from Wikipedia: Doditsu is a form of Japanese poetry developed towards the end of the Edo Period. Often concerning love or work, and usually comical, Dodoitsu poems consist of four lines with the syllabic structure 7-7-7-5 and no rhyme.


Try out something a little new and structured.

Your Homework: Write a Dodoitsu and enter the contest.

Visit The Spark tomorrow for your Saturday writing prompt.

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