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I’ve previously posted about the varying word count recommendations that I have come across in my research. A few days ago, I stumbled onto Andrew Winkel’s website and he had a link that got me excited ( it’s possible I’ll be the only one).

Are you curious how many words are in your favorite book? I certainly am and I thought this would be a fairly simple thing to find; but, after searching Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and several other sites, I was surprised that the word count was not listed anywhere.

AR Book Find, however, provides the word count. I’d rather research the books that I love and respect and consider their length than take advice from unverified sources. In the big picture, word count, isn’t the final destination; but, I do think it’s a good bench mark in determining whether or not your story is fully developed. See below.

AR Book Finder

AR Book Finder

Your Homework: What is your word count goal? Break it up and set a daily or weekly goal to get your novel finished.

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  1. This sounds great! I have to try this sometimes, because I definitely do wonder and compare my favourite books’ wordcounts to my own writing.

    I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog and have therefore nominated you for a Liebster Award over at my blog:
    Feel free to accept or decline, as you wish, but I just came to say I like your work here and on your Instagram.

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