Update on Sarah Blue

I’ve been hoping (planning?) to finish Sarah Blue by this summer. After a big timeline change a few weeks back, I was exhausted and not too excited to finish the paper edits. It’s amazing how you can love and hate something you’ve created. I’ve been ironing out the bumps that appear with a timeline change and I’m finally done. Happy dance!

I can finally work on the next set of edits, which I am excited about. Only other writers can understand the triumph of watching your word count grow and knowing you’ve got the words in the right place. Word count doesn’t mean anything, if all the words stink.



Heather Kidder

Watching the story grow and your characters mature and make better (or sometimes worse) decisions is such a joy. I know one of my characters is lacking at the moment, my police detective; but I will get him where he needs to be, eventually. I want him to be strong, confident, and knowledgeable. So far, he’s two for three.

It’s hard for him to know things that I don’t know; thankfully, I have a few friends to lean on to help me when it comes to The Shield. Regardless, I need to pick up a few gritty true-life detective stories to make him completely the way that I want.

I’m sitting at just under 42K words. Varying blogs and books tell you to get in a word count of 40-60k, others tell you not to be a word under 75K, others 90K. In reality, I’m going to write the story until it’s done and the word count be damned; but I know if I want to sell it, I have to play by the rules – though I’m fairly certain none of the Greats got there by doing that.

Your Homework: Focus on an area in your story that you aren’t an expert in – now go study it.

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