Rugged Maniac (Boone Hall Farm)



Look at those muddy laces!
Rugged Maniac 5K


I’m alive. It’s Sunday morning as I write this; yesterday, I participated in the Rugged Maniac at Boone Hall Farm in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. The scrapes on my legs are raw, the bruises are forming, and I feel like Godzilla used me to play basketball.

I have never seen so much mud. The smell was far from great, but the positive energy of my fellow Maniac’s was intoxicating. I climbed under barbed wire in frigid brown water, climbed ten-foot walls, rope climbed myself out of a ditch, slid down a giant slide, and fell victim to The Gauntlet, landing in chest-deep ice water.

It was in the 40’s, with clear blue skies, and a sporadic wind that would whip up at the least convenient of times. To begin the race, you have to clear a five-foot wall, and then run (or fast walk) a mile to your second obstacle. There are a total of 25 obstacles, though I was disappointed they didn’t have the Pyromaniac – I was actually really looking forward to leaping over flames.

Crossing the Sneaker Catcher was comedic, in restrospect. I hit a bubble and my left foot disapeared, bringing me to a halt.  A girl pulled up short behind me and also got stuck. A fellow Maniac (a burly bald man, to whom I will forever be grateful) pulled us both out, and then dug around in the mud until he recovered my missing sneaker. I one-shoed it until I found actual water to rinse it with and then jammed my foot back into it. I had tied the laces so tight in an effort to prevent feeding the Sneaker Catcher, that I nearly couldn’t get my foot back into the shoe (obviously untying double knotted mud-covered laces, with mud-covered hands was not an option).

I did not complete every obstacle but I did complete the 5K and earn my free beer and my ribbon. I had an amazing time, and I am very motivated to hit the gym. I will definitely return next year to the muddiest place on earth (well, by my standards).

Your Homework: What have you done lately to get out of your comfort zone? Your writing is inspired by the life you live – so go live it, and use it to influence your next story.

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