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It’s difficult to separate Showtime Dexter from paper Dexter, especially when Michael C. Hall is on the cover of my book. I’ve watched the first few seasons ( in marathon mode ) on Netflix and I’ll admit to having moral conflicts while getting to know the characters. However, there is a definite turning point when you stop feeling conflicted for understanding a serial killer, and become his cheerleader, urging him onto his next kill.

Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter is more of a sociopath than the neighborly Showtime Dexter. They’re both killers, but Lindsay’s Dexter has fewer qualms about it. The brotherly bond that guides Dexter to his long-lost murderous sibling is a bit exhausting with its ability to find clues; but, it is a useful vehicle, nonetheless. I enjoyed the Dark Passenger’s laugh, the lizard brain, but I missed the Deborah Morgan from Showtime. Showtime Deborah is smarter, equally passionate, and hot-tempered; but definitely, smarter (choice of lovers aside).

I’ve read several reviews and it seems die-hard fans of the show don’t enjoy the book very much at all. I think it’s important to remember they are connected, but not the same, and appreciate them each on their own. I’m curious to see Lindsay’s Dexter develop and will pick up the next book in the series.

Your homework: Many shows are based on books, take a mental walk through your favorite shows and find the book it’s based on. Read it, consider the differences to the shows version, and allow it to inspire your next writing session.

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