Inspiring moments – Bucket List

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

― George Eliot

I had an inspiring moment a few weeks ago. One that, after  the week I’ve had, I’m grateful to think about and dwell on for a few minutes.

I answered a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. I had recently signed up for a discount card at a big box store and immediately thought they had sold my number off to some telemarketing firm. I didn’t know the person on the other end, a man, who was actually calling to see if I was satisfied with a product I’d purchased from his company. Normally, I rush through those types of calls, busy on my way to get to the next task in my day. I had, in fact, ignored the last four calls that had come from that number, assuming they were spam. Within a few seconds, a “just out of curiosity” question popped up from the agent which led to a truly exciting and motivating phone call. As it turned out, the caller has dreamt of writing and publishing a book. He said it was on his bucket list.  As I shared my plans, the energy built up until we were both yammering like caffeine-ridled chihuahuas.

The conversation lifted my spirits, talking to someone who shares a similar dream and also has a journey to take before getting there, made me feel less alone in my pursuit. I felt energized and was itching to get to my keyboard.

It’s these moments that I hope to carry with me through this adventure; sparks of hope, and desire to achieve what I want. It will involve a lot of hard work but it’s work I’m willing to do, work I’m excited to do, and work that I truly love.

Your homework: Think about those inspiring moments and let them fill you with passion. If you can’t think of one, go make one! Talk to people about your passion either in real life or online. I have a great group of folks on Instagram that I follow that motivate me each day. Find some of them, or even better, follow me on Instagram and I can help boost your writing thoughts every day. (@everythingonpaperisperfect or search #paperperfect)

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